Changing your YouTube and Google Plus Username

The main point of this post is talk about branding across your Google accounts. More specifically I want to talk about Changing your YouTube and Google Plus Username. Before we do I would like to give you an update on what is going on over here which will lead to the problem at hand.

I decided that I would really like to start creating more live events, presentations and screencasts. I will be honest and tell you that my motivations behind this move are two fold. The first is that I learn so much when I have to explain a subject to others. The combination of that and helping others out is really what drives me to give presentations. The 2nd is I am hoping to make some extra money. I know I won’t make a ton of money on YouTube but between that and maybe creating some course content for Udemy maybe it will work out. If you have had experience with both of these I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Lambda expressions are not supported at this language level

I am finally getting around to picking up some of the new Java 8 features. Last night I started playing around Lambdas which is probably one of the biggest features to hit Java 8. Being a seasoned Groovy developer at this point I have had the pleasure of using Closures for the past couples years so I was excited to see them added to Java. Let’s take a simple example of sorting an array in Java 7. Here we have an array of Integers and we use an anonymous inner class as a method argument to the sort method and override the compare method to perform our sort.

If we run the code above we will get the following output.

[1, 2, 8, 10, 13, 20, 44, 54, 64, 67, 87, 99, 104]

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IntelliJ Removing the class comment header

I have been using IntelliJ for about 3 months every single day and I love everything about it. You might start seeing a bunch of useless (hopeful useful to someone out there) tips and tricks. Most of these are pretty simple so please ignore my rants for the next few weeks.

When you create a new class do you see something that looks like our Person Class below. There is a comment above our class with the user who created it and the data. I always use to just delete this and go about my business until that go old and I decided it was time to remove that from new classes.












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java -version is a trap

OK so maybe my headline is a little misleading but I had to get your attention somehow. Do you know know exactly what java -version is reporting back to you? It goes back to understanding the different between the SE (Standard Edition / Runtime) and the JDK (Java Development Kit). I don’t know about you but when I first started programming I didn’t understand the difference. So enough background on this story let’s take a look at how this problem came up.

I have a variety of Java projects all going on at once at work. I am maintaining a few legacy projects that still require Java 6 while also updating current projects that require Java 7. The big shiny new project I am on is going to use Java 8 which is great but if you have been counting along at home that makes 3 different JDKs I have installed on my machine.

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A Monthly Geek & Gamer Box From Loot Crate

I have been meaning to write about Loot Crate for awhile now so I am glad I am finally getting around to telling you all about this wonderful service. Loot Crate is dubbed a “Monthly Geek and Gamer Subscription box” and I really can’t argue with that description. First lets talk about the subscription pricing. Below is a list of available pricing options (at least at the time of this article) and to me there really isn’t any huge incentive sign up long term. My advice is to sign up for a month at a time just to see if you like the service.







Now that we got pricing out of the way let’s talk about the contents of our monthly subscriptions. I am like a kid on Christmas when my Loot Crate arrives each month. For $20 a month I never expect month but I always end up with some of the coolest items. Most of the items have either found a place in my office, dresser (yes you get t-shirts as well) or my bookshelf. What I really like to is the guide that comes with each Loot Crate. Sometimes you may not quite understand what at item is but a full guide explains each of the items in your Loot Crate. Here are the last 3 crates that I received.

December 2014









January 2015









February 2015 








In my last crate I received probably my favorite item to date, a book titled Ready Player One. If you haven’t signed up yet please use my referral link below and signup today. As I said before I look forward to opening up my crate every month and I think you will too.


Limited Edition Black Hawk HD Camera Drone

I just wanted to share a pretty good deal that I came across this morning. I have always wanted to take the plunge and buy a camera drone but didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on one. To be quite honest I am a bit of a tech geek but I fear I would have some fun with this for a couple of days and then put it down. I live along Lake Erie near a strip of high rises as well as a couple really amazing parks. I could see myself having a lot of fun with this in the summer and even putting together some videos like my buddy Matt did. The 1 thing that does scare me is that it only flies for 10 minutes but as a newbie to this market I am not sure if that is normal. This seems like a good introductory product into this market but I would love to hear some advice from my readers.





How to Disable Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager

Chrome’s new ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager

Sometime towards the end of last year (2014) Chrome decided to add a new bookmark manager called ‘Stars’ to their browser. I thought I was going to like it but I just couldn’t get behind it. It seem to make managing large sets of bookmarks really difficult and for whatever reason I just wasn’t a big fan of the UI. I think more than anything it was a PITA to add new bookmarks with the add bookmark UI. No big deal though I will just revert to the old bookmark manager right? Wrong. For the longest time I couldn’t find out how to get off of this and back to the old manager. I figured it was just an extension but if you went into settings > extensions it wasn’t listed there.








How to Disable Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager

That was until this morning. I want to walk you through how to disable Chrome’s new bookmark manager and revert to the old one. First go to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment and change the drop down value from default to disabled. When the value changes click the relaunch now button at the bottom of your screen.









Now when Chrome relaunches the bookmark manager will still be the ‘Stars’ version but now we have the ability to turn it off. If you go to settings > extensions you will now see the bookmark manager extension there and it is enabled.









If you uncheck enabled you will now be back to your old bookmark manager.









I really don’t mind that the Chrome team tried to come up with a new bookmark manager but I wish they wouldn’t of made it so difficult from the beginning to disable. Why are you hiding the ability to remove this extension if we don’t want it. I for one am just glad that I can go back to my boring old easy to use bookmark manager today.

Learn Mac OS X Yosemite

I started working from home for my current employer almost 3 years ago. We use Windows at work and were given a pretty solid ThinkPad laptop. I decided to connect 3 monitors to that laptop for a pretty sweet home office setup. Shortly after that and a move away from desktop computers I decided that I was going to need a personal machine. Instead of going the PC route I decided to purchase a 13″ Macbook Pro with retina display. I have been really happy with my purchase and to be honest its probably the nicest machine I have ever owned. I still use Windows 90% of my time during the week so I get easily confused on how to do things on Mac OS X once in awhile.

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SQL Server Exception – The Statement Did Not Return A Result Set

We are working on moving a fairly large Dynamic Java Web Project over to a Grails application. In this application we have a ton of stored procedures that we need to continue to use in our Grails app. Luckily it couldn’t be easier to call a stored proc in Groovy. If you look at the groovy.sql.Sql class there are a ton of methods for this. There are numerous calls methods but one of the easiest ways to get back a list is to use the rows method and pass in a gstring. In this example we are calling a stored procedure called getFooStoredPorc that takes 1 parameter and because this is a gstring we can include our variable in our call.

So I had this working for a ton of stored procedure calls already when I came across a very strange error yesterday.

This looks almost identical to the call I made before but this time the code was throwing an exception.

SqlServerException: The Statement Did Not Return A Result Set

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Installing Grails 3

A few days ago I posted a video by Graeme Rocher that gave a preview of Grails 3. Today I would like to walk you through Installing Grails 3 and running it on your local machine. There are a couple of ways to do this so I will go through them both. I am using a Macbook for this demo but I promise you its almost as easy to do on Windows.

Installing Grails 3 via GVM

The easiest way to get Grails 3 right now is to install GVM. If you haven’t used GVM I highly recommend you go check it out. What is GVM you ask?

GVM is a tool for managing parallel Versions of multiple Software Development Kits on most Unix based systems. It provides a convenient command line interface for installing, switching, removing and listing Candidates.

GVM currently supports the following

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