Hide Desktop Icons on Mac OSX


This is a short little tutorial on how to hide desktop icons on Mac OSX. There are many reasons that you would want to clean up your desktop. The first scenario is if you’re creating screencasts like the one below. While creating these presentations or giving live presentations you may not want your desktop icons to show up. These could just be temporary files but more importantly they become a distraction for the user.

If you are using software such as ScreenFlow there is a very simple solution to our problem. Simply click on the ScreenFlow icon at the top of your screen and select hide desktop icons. If you want a more permanent solution you can open up a terminal and run the following command.

Finally you must restart Finder for the changes to take affect.

This will remove all of the icons from your desktop. If you decide you want them back you can simply run the command we used above but this time pass the argument of true.

Again you will have to restart Finder for the changes to take. As you can see its really easy to Hide your desktop icons on Mac OSX. I hope that helps you out and like always please subscribe to my YouTube channel or leave me some feedback so I can get better at this.


SpringOne 2GX 2015: Days 2-4

SpringOne 2GX 2015

My plan was to create a blog post for each day of the conference but that quickly fell through. If you haven’t seen it already I posted a summary of day one here. Days 2-4 (Tuesday – Thursday) were basically the meat and potatoes of the conference and they were all about content. Part of the reason my plan fell through was the fact that I was taking notes in each of my sessions and my brain went on a complete overload bender.

Right from the very first session I attended I was faced with some difficult decisions. Each session time slot had a choice of 9 different presentations in the following categories

  • Core Spring
  • Groovy Advanced Track
  • G&G Special Topics (Groovy & Grails)
  • Groovy Ecosystem
  • Core Groovy
  • Web & JavaScript
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Native
  • Data Integration

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Creative Screencast: How did they do that?

So I am working on creating some screencasts for my YouTube channel and I came across a very creative tutorial. This one comes to use from the The Verge and they have a shot of the presenter at a table hacking away on his MacBook while the screen is being displayed on the wall to his right.  I am pretty new to this whole world of creating video content and I think its a big achievement when I can get my face on top of a my screen recording at the same time. I am hoping someone out there can help me out with this. Does anyone know how this id done? I am guessing this is done in post production but I am at a loss.  Here is a picture of the screencast and the full video is below.


























Getting Started with Slatwall eCommerce

Flexible, Open-Source eCommerce Platform

If you are looking for a stand alone eCommerce solution or one that integrates with an awesome Content Management System (CMS) like Mura than Slatwall is the answer for you. I have been using Slatwall for a couple years now and I love it. I used Slatwall at a previous job for a couple of in house projects and I even moved over my good friends custom eCommerce website to Mura and Slatwall. It’s been a while since I have had a chance to play with Slatwall and they recently released version 4.1 so I thought this was a perfect time to create a series of blog posts to tell you all about it. So lets dive right in.

Getting Started with Slatwall eCommerce

Most of the directions I am going to give you here are in the documentation. In this example we are going to create a new fictitious store called iPhonez. This will be a fictitious store that sells Apple iPhones. This is a good product to to demo because there are different models and inside each model there are different configurations.  My demo is running off of a Mac but you can easily do the same on whatever you are using. First lets start of by downloading the stand alone application from Github or by cloning the repository.





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Spring Boot Video Tutorials


I just wanted to let everyone know about a wonderful resource I came across this week. I saw a tweet from Brian Kelly that he just started a series of screencasts. Right now there are only 3 but they are really well produced and there are transcripts of each of them. Here is a quick description of the website.

Annotated Spring is a series of screencasts produced by Brian Kelly.

The goal of this site is to get developers up and running quickly using modern Spring and Java to build web applications by the simplest and most common means necessary.

These screencasts are strongly inspired by RailsCasts.

What is really cool is that he is not just preaching about Spring Boot but he is also using it. You can grab the source code for the application on github. Great job Brian and thanks for inspiring me to get back to work on creating content for my YouTube channel.

Annotated Spring Website

SpringOne 2GX 2015: Day 1


SpringOne 2GX is finally here and its off to a great start. I was at SpringOne 2GX 2013 in Santa Clara and walked away from that conference impressed. It was because of that impression that I am coming into this years conference with some big expectations. I got into Washington D.C. early so that a coworker and I could do a little sightseeing. We took a cab down to The Capitol and walked around the for a few hours. Here are some photos from our trip around this amazing city.

Marriott Marquis Washington, DC

The conference is being held at the Marriott Marquis in downtown DC. When I pulled up the building I knew it was going to be a good week because entrance is just amazing. Walking into the hotel I was told that this is now the biggest hotel in DC. The lobby is stunning and massive in size with rooms over looking it. The conference is on the lower levels of the hotel and the setup is amazing. Here are some pictures of the hotel.

Dinner & Keynote

After walking around the city all day and checking into the conference it was time for dinner. We had a great meal, dessert and some coffee it was time for the keynote. We found out right away that there are over 1000 registered users at the conference and to be honest I thought it was more looking at the grand ballroom filled. We were also told that we would get “almost immediate” access to the conference recordings. This makes picking sessions a little bit easier because I know that I can watch the ones I miss. The keynote was pretty much what I expected it to be. It revolved a lot around Cloud Foundry and Spring Boot. There was a full demo of writing an application in Spring Boot and deploying it to the Cloud. Their cloud solution look really awesome but I am still trying to figure out if its something I would use or if this is more of an enterprise solution. Finally there was an update on the current state of the Spring Framework and a roadmap of what is to come. The keynote should be posted online at some point and when it is I will update this post with it. Again here are a few pics from the dinner and keynote.

Well day one is over and I am already having a blast. The city, people and hotel are all amazing. I am in heaven with my fellow geeks and looking towards a week of getting my learn on. If you’re here and you find me please say hi.

OS X El Capitan releases on September 30


While most us were watching the #AppleEvent on September 9th Apple managed to drop in the release date for El Capitan. They didn’t actually say anything about it but they did drop a little easter egg during the new 3d touch demo on the iPhone. I missed it myself but thankfully the guys over at The Verge did not. When they were showing off the 3D touch demo and peeking inside of an email you can see message from Phil Schiller saying that the El Capitan Ship Date is September 30th. If you needed more confirmation you can also see it on the El Capitan Preview Page.









So now that we know it is coming what can we expect? I would check out the preview page for an in depth look at everything coming but I also thought I would give you a video by The Verge that explains a lot of the new features. As soon as I can get my hands on it I plan on creating my own video for anyone interested.


Heading to SpringOne 2GX 2015 Next Week

SpringOne 2GX 2015

I absolutely love learning, playing with new technology and talking about those experiences. That is why I really enjoy blogging here and creating content for my YouTube Channel. That along with spending a few days with coworkers I rarely get to see is why I am so excited that I am heading to SpringOne 2GX 2015 in Washington D.C. next week. I was at SpringOne 2 years out in California and I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot so I have big expectations for this years conference.

I am getting in early Monday morning and baring any fires that need putting out at work I am planning on taking this opportunity to do a little sight seeing with my friend Lance. I have been to DC before but I didn’t get to do any sight seeing so I hope I can get a bunch in. I plan on taking as many pictures as I can next week so I will try and get a sight seeing / conference wrap up done as soon as I get back.

Marriott Marquis · Washington, DC

The conference is being held at Marriott Marquis and this place looks absolutely amazing from the pictures.







SpringOne 2GX 2015

If you aren’t familiar with this conference their description is below. I do a lot of work in this space

This is a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution and data architects: people who develop business applications, create multi-device aware web applications, process vast quantities of enterprise data, design cloud architectures, and manage high performance infrastructure. The sessions are specifically tailored for Developers and Architects using the popular open source Spring IO Projects, Groovy & Grails, Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ, Redis, Geode, Hadoop and Tomcat technologies. Whether you’re building mission-critical web or business applications, crunching huge amounts of distributed data, or designing the next killer cloud application, SpringOne2GX will keep you up to date with the latest enterprise technology.

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Uploading Images to WordPress – File too Large


While I was putting together my summer round up post I came across a problem. First let me say that I haven’t used PHP a ton so I am guessing for anyone who has you probably have come across this before. After my fun summer and now the owner of an iPhone, iPad Mini 3 and Macbook Pro I decided to start taking advantage of the Photos application. Since my iPhone is my primary camera and I use iCloud I can have all of my photos / albums synced across all of my devices. So  I spent some time over the last couple weeks organizing all of photos and boy that was a fun trip down memory lane.

I use the NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin and it is pretty darn awesome. It allows you to manage galleries and gives you all kinds of custom settings on how to display your images. In my Summer Wrap Up Post I just wanted to display 6 images under a small description of what I did. They would open up in a fancy lightbox animation and have a nice description about the image. Its plugins like this and not having to write this code yourself that make WordPress so darn fun to use. So I started uploading images to WordPress right from my photos application and I got the following error.

File to Large: ‘IMG-002345.jpg’

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A Summer To Remember – 2015


Summer has come to end and while it is a little depressing I have so much to be thankful for. Summer always tends to pull me away from any and all extra work (My Blog & YouTube Channel) and this summer was no different. This was a summer that I will always remember though and just in case anyone out there is interested I am going to tell you all about it.

Last year I didn’t take any major summer vacations so I was ready to make up for it this year. No longer was I going to save PTO days for pointless days off. This year with a little money saved up and a partner in crime I was going to make some plans have some fun. After all you do only live once!

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