ColdFusion 9 Application cfc script reference

Yesterday a friend asked me if I knew of an application cfc reference written in all script. I told him that I didn’t know of one but that I could whip one up together pretty quickly. In case anyone else is looking for a script reference here it is.

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  • Brian Rinaldi

    That friend says thank you :)

  • Marko Simic
    This link goes as perfect fit to you reference as additional explanation of each statement from above.
    Thank you.

  • Ben Nadel

    Dan, really awesome reference! I forgot some of those properties even existed (ex. SMTP properties). Good stuff.

    If I can make only one tiny correction, I believe that OnMissingTemplate() actually returns a boolean. I believe if you return false / void, ColdFusion still sees it as an error.

  • Dan Vega

    @Ben – Nice catch, thanks for the heads up!

  • Russ S.
  • Chris Martinez

    Awesome! Thank you!

  • Richard East

    scriptprotect expects "all", "none", or a list of ColdFusion scopes, but it doesn’t error with "yes|no"

  • Dan Vega

    @Richard – Thanks, I updated the entry

  • Phillip Senn

    Does this need to be updated for cf10?

  • Dan Vega

    Yes – There are some new things that need to be added to it but you can still use this.