Windows Kill Process By Port Number

Do you have a running process on Windows and need to kill it by port number?

In this short tutorial, we will look at how to kill a process by port number on Windows. I am doing a lot of Java development these days and I have about 5 different applications that I may fire up during a day and because they all run on my local machine most of them use port 8080 by default. Once in a while, I will forget to kill an application. When I try and start another application I will receive this error.

Windows Port Already in use

If you need to kill a process manually on Windows it’s actually pretty easy. First, fire up a command prompt and type the following command.

netstat -a -o -n

To kill the process we need to find the PID of the process in question. I just run down the list by port until I find port 8080 and here you will see the process id was 28344.


Finally, with the PID we can run the following command to kill the process

taskkill /F /PID 28344

Windows Netstat

Pretty easy solution to a pretty simple problem. Hope this helps!

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  • Edy B


    You can find the process listening to a specific port (such as 8080) by executing:
    netstat -ano | find “8080”

    • Matthew Quimpo

      What windows do you need to run this command?
      (sorry for the necropost)

  • Dougie T

    Thanx Man. very helpful

  • Manvendra Singh

    Thanks Dan… You are really awesome!!! 🙂

    • Praveen Kumar J V

      need some help in rendering multiple documents in react

    • Manvendra Singh

      Ok. But is it the correct thread to ask the question? Anyways, whats is the problem?

  • Ashley

    every time I try to end a task with the solution above the command prompt tells me “reason:Access is denied” Does that mean I should leave it be? Are all “Listening” ports a bad thing?

    • Try running the command prompt in administrative mode

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  • teja garapati

    when i execute taskkill /F /PID 2280
    it shows not found message. but in netstat command it’s showing with above process id..

    can you please resolve it

  • Ujjawal Raj

    Thanks a lot!

  • Matthew Quimpo

    I am pretty confused. I did all of the things that you told me to do, but when I did the netstat -a -o -n command, I scrolled through the numbers, but I couldn’t find the numbers I was looking for. I am trying to empty the ports 8888, 8080, or 2050. I am not very good with electronics yet, so could someone please help me?