September 2016 Report Card

This was one of my more productive months on YouTube. I posted 17 videos this month and crossed the 100 total mark. I am really happy the consistency I showed this month. I am focusing more on getting content out there rather than it being perfect.

I spent a lot of my time this month focusing on my new course and Merch by Amazon. If you are following along you should of seen some blog posts and videos that have to do with my adventures into Merch. We setup a domain name that will forward to our store and even a facebook page. If you have a chance please check them out.

I hope you’re enjoying these report cards and I hope you had an awesome September.


  • 9,490 total Students +1813 Students
  • The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course +114 Students (406)
  • Learn Spring Boot (Paid) +249 Students (2,269) 2269
  • Introducing Spring Boot (Free) +1,524 Students (7,368) 7368


  • 17 Blog Posts in the month.
  • 914 Total Blog Posts
  • 10,629 Visitors
  • 20,692 Page Views


  • +91 Subscribers (1211 total) 1211
  • +18 Videos Published (101 total)
  • Watch Time 32,771 Minutes


  • Following: +140 (4,503 Total)
  • Followers: +122 (5,686 Total)
  • Tweets: +157 (20,687 Total)
Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

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