October 2016 Report Card

 This was a pretty slow month when it comes to YouTube and my Blog but I promise you that I have some good excuses. First off I got engaged this month and you can read all about it here. Another reason I have been pretty busy this month is because I have really been focusing on Amazon Merch this month. I am going to add My Merch earnings to this report card every month in case anyone wants to see it. 


  • 10,521 total Students +1031 Students
  • The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course +101Students (507)
  • Learn Spring Boot (Paid) +374 Students (2,643)
  • Introducing Spring Boot (Free) +656 Students (8,024)

Merch By Amazon

  • 114 Shirts Sold
  • Revenue: $2,207
  • Royalties: $738


  • 5 Blog Posts in the month.
  • 919 Total Blog Posts
  • 11,680 Visitors
  • 15,537 Page Views


  • +117 Subscribers (1328 total)
  • +2 Videos Published (102 total)
  • Watch Time 36,207 Minutes


  • Following: +36 (4,539 Total)
  • Followers: -120 (5,566 Total)
  • Tweets: +106 (20,793 Total)
Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

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