November 2016 Report Card

I feel like a broken record with these “excuses” each month but the simple fact is I can only do so much. With that I have to prioritize what is important to me and in certain months like this one things like The Blog, Social Media & The YouTube channel are going to suffer. With that said though I launched a new course this month called Merch by Amazon – How to start your own t-shirt business.  I also doubled my best month ever in sales on Udemy which I am beyond proud of.  Thank you to all of you who keep leaving me these amazing reviews in my courses. It really keeps pushing me to do what I do and LOVE what I do. 

All of this along with moving into my very first home with my beautiful fiance really kept me busy this month. This is a picture of us in front of our new home and we are both so excited to start this next amazing journey. Until next month my friends, happy learning!












  • 12,192 total Students +1671 Students
  • The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course +211 Students (718)
  • Introducing Spring Boot (Free) +732 Students (8,758)
  • Learn Spring Boot (Paid) +780 Students (3,423)
  • Merch by Amazon +185 Students (185)

Merch By Amazon

  • 45 Shirts Sold
  • Revenue: $830
  • Royalties: $272


  • 1 Blog Posts in the month.
  • 920 Total Blog Posts
  • 2,277 Visitors
  • 3,896 Pageviews


  • +107 Subscribers (1435 total)
  • +2 Videos Published (104 total)
  • Watch Time 37,007 Minutes


  • Following: -6 (4,533 Total)
  • Followers: +17 (5,583 Total)
  • Tweets: +35 (20,828 Total)
Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.
















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