December 2016 Report Card


My number one priority as far as work goes is always going to be my full time employment. With the end of the year I had a project that had to take focus. This along with the Toys for Shots party I throw every year and the holidays really took up my entire December. Last year I said I wanted to be a little more transparent and I did these reports for the entire year. It was a fun little experiment but unless these are really helping or inspiring someone they are probably going to come to end. I do all of these manually and unless I find a way to automate they take up some valuable time. If you really want them to stick around please speak up and thank you for everyone who tuned into these all year long. 


  • 13,260 total Students +1068 Students
  • The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course +101 Students (833)
  • Introducing Spring Boot (Free) +597 Students (9,355)
  • Learn Spring Boot (Paid) +438 Students (3,861)
  • Merch by Amazon +24 Students (209)

Merch By Amazon

  • 120 Shirts Sold
  • Revenue: $2,167
  • Royalties: $696


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  • +0 Videos Published (104 total)
  • Watch Time 37,374 Minutes


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Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

Letter A, Report Card, Test Results.

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