Ask Me Anything

Are you looking for answers to a problem you’re facing? If so you came to the right place and there are two ways I can help you. First if you just have a question you would like me to answer on my blog please ask it here. Second I am available for consulting if you need help on finishing an existing project or starting that next big one. My development rates are competitive and I am available for part time work on evenings and weekends. I also welcome any questions you have about my open source projects, presentations or anything else you want to throw at me.

Please Note: I will try and get to your questions as soon as possible. Response times may vary due to work and this wild ride they call life. I apologize if I do not respond immediately and it is not my intention to ignore anyone. I may answer your question in a blog post or YouTube video response. If you don’t want to be mentioned by name in either of these please let me know.