Spotify Starred Playlist Order Reversed

Out of nowhere my Spotify Starred Playlist order reversed. This issue started happening a few weeks ago and it was really confusing. The Spotify desktop version that I use every day at work was not affected. I would play songs off of my starred playlist and they were in the correct order. When I say correct I just mean that they were ordered so that the most recent song added to the playlist was at the top. When I went on my devices though (iPad / iPhone) the order was pretty random. My songs were still there but I couldn’t find my most recent additions.

I finally found a way to fix this sorting issue. If you go into the playlist and sort all the way to the top past the album art you should see a filter search bar and an icon to the right of it. This icon will let you change the sort order and for whatever reason it was on custom so I just moved it back to Recently Added. Not sure why this happened but I hope this helps you out.

IMG_3890 IMG_3891

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