What’s New in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog or my YouTube channel you probably already know that I am a huge fan of IntelliJ. I love the new subscription model that they are using and the frequency of updates coming out. I just updated to 2016.2 and here is a list of the new features along with a video overview of some of the cool stuff.

  • Debugger
    • Variables merged with Watches
    • Multiline expressions in breakpoint Condition and Evaluate and log, and Data Type Renderers
    • Try and return statements in Evaluate Expression
  • Version control
    • Log for Git and Mercurial now loads data in the background, gets a handy loading progress indicator and a shortcut to navigate to the filter field
    • Unversioned files in Commit dialog
    • Case-only rename in Git for Windows and OS X
    • Patches can now be applied from the clipboard or by dragging a file into the IDE; and IntelliJ offers help when applying patches with conflicts
  • User Interface
    • Font ligatures
    • Breadcrumb for Java
    • Notification popups got compact and moved to the right-bottom corner
    • Background Image in Editor and IDE Frame
    • The Inspection tool window now displays editable code for each problem and provides controls to apply a quick-fix or suppress the inspection
  • Java
    • JUnit 5 support
    • A warning when you instantiate new objects inside equals, hashCode, compareTo or Comparator.compare methods
  • Spring Framework
    • Spring 4.3 core features, new inspections, and better performance
    • Improvements for Spring Security 4.x
    • Code completion and navigation in FreeMarker and Velocity templates for variables
    • Coding assistance for Spring Caching
  • JavaScript
    • A quick-fix to convert JavaScript functions to ES6 arrow functions
    • More postfix templates such as .let and .const
    • Smarter code completion for enum types
    • Better coding assistance for React; support for AngularJS 2
    • Grunt, gulp and npm tasks as Before launch tasks in a Run/Debug configuration
    • Code style preference over single quotes, double quotes or none at all
  • Database Tools
    • Code completion for database names in Data Sources and Drivers
    • Auto-scroll from Editor in the Database tool window
    • Surround With a function
    • More context-aware SQL code completion
    • Completion for column values in Table Editor
    • Resizing columns via shortcuts
    • Schema Search Path, Range types and types with TimeZone for PostgreSQL
  • Android
    • Faster Emulator
    • GPU Debugger
    • Code generation and testing for App Indexing
  • Installer
    • The Windows installer bundles our custom JDK build



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