Tech Elevator: Coding Boot Camp in Cleveland

I had the pleasure of meeting with Tech Elevator this week and I want to spend a few minutes telling you about it. I have no doubt that this one of the many startups in Cleveland that have a bright future ahead of them. The tech scene here in Cleveland has really started to grow like crazy over the last 10 years. With that growth there is a real need for Software Developers and the demand has outgrown the supply. In Cuyahoga County alone there were over 6,000 programming jobs available last year. This is a pretty familiar scene across our country so this should come as no surprise.

Tech Elevator’s home resides at the Baker Electric Building in Cleveland. If you have a chance to tour the office you will find out quickly that these walls have a ton of history in them. This building was home to a car showroom that catered to the wealthy people of Cleveland that lived on Millionaires’ row. The office has a really good vibe to it and the smaller classrooms are setup perfect.

Baker Electric Building







With the demand for programmers high, Tech Elevator is taking a different approach to traditional colleges and offering fast paced boot camps. The 14-week coding bootcamp is for students who want more out of their careers. They currently offer courses in Java and .NET. What I really love about his program is their money back guarantee. They are so confident in their courses combined with their professional services that if you don’t find a job 120 days after graduation, they will give you your money back. They will help you with your resume to finding an open position to even preparing you for the interview process. This is so far and above what traditional colleges or technical schools are doing.

Tech Elevator recently announced that they are expanding to Columbus. If you are in the Cleveland or Columbus area and you think this could be for you I recommend checking them out. This is such a great company and I can see them doing real big things in the near future.

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