I Was Featured on the Ask Pat Podcast

My question was featured on the Ask Pat Podcast

I recently had my question featured on the Ask Pat Podcast. For those of you who don’t know Pat Flynn, he’s a very successful entrepreneur who runs the website Smart Passive Income. Smart Passive Income is a resource to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income. The Ask Pat podcast is your business questions answered in a bite-sized podcast five days a week, Monday through Friday.

I can hear the questions coming in now. Dan, I thought you were going to stop blogging about business related topics. That is still my focus but in this case, I can assure you this article has some real value for my audience.  

A new look and direction for my website

What you can expect from this website going forward

Towards the end of 2016 and into the beginning of this year my website and blog have become a little stagnant. Part of the reason for this has been that with remodeling our new house and planning a wedding me and my fiance have been extremely busy. Another reason for this is that I have been wearing my entrepreneur hat a lot lately and have been involved in many different projects. With all of the projects that I have taken on, I lost the purpose of this website somewhere along the way and I want to address that today. 

I recently found myself asking some tough questions.

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Who does it serve?
  • What value does it provide to its visitors? 

I’m Engaged

So this happened yesterday! I got engaged to my best friend in the whole world and couldn’t be happier. I really wanted her to be surprised so this happened before brunch right next door to where we live (and met) overlooking downtown Cleveland. 

Huge shout out to Pier W for providing such and awesome location for our engagement. The whole staff there was awesome and treated us so good. Please click on the image below to view the gallery.


September 2016 Report Card

This was one of my more productive months on YouTube. I posted 17 videos this month and crossed the 100 total mark. I am really happy the consistency I showed this month. I am focusing more on getting content out there rather than it being perfect.

I spent a lot of my time this month focusing on my new course and Merch by Amazon. If you are following along you should of seen some blog posts and videos that have to do with my adventures into Merch. 

Ask Me Anything

I want to apologize but it seems I have had a ton of issue on my website with my contact form. I believe I have resolved these issues and we should be good going forward. I have reached out to everyone I think that I missed but if you still have questions please let me know.

I have updated this to Ask Me Anything and I hope you will all use it for exactly that. Ask me anything you want to know or questions that you might be facing. If I can’t answer them I will let you know but if It is something I can get to I would be happy to help out. Thank you and I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Contact Me

August 2016 Report Card

This was a HUGE month on Udemy for me. In fact this was my best month in every category you could think of across the board. This was mainly due to Udemy changing their pricing structure again and running some huge promotions for the last week of the month. If you didn’t hear about the Udemy changes you can get my thoughts on it here.

This month was a busy month for me because I finally got accepted to Merch. This is going to be huge and I am going to have a content on the blog and YouTube channel about this in the coming months so stay tuned. My blog posts and YouTube videos were up but at always I would like to see my videos go up. I am also removing the Facebook stats from month to month because I honestly don’t try to drive traffic to my page nor do I upload videos. I am not getting rid of the page but I will bring back those stats when we decide to pay more attention to it. With summer winding down I fully expect to have more time to work on content.

I hope you’re enjoying these report cards and I hope you had an awesome August.

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Blab Shuts Down

In a surprising move out of nowhere yesterday Blab shut down. If you head over to their website you will see the following.









There is a really great article written up on why they shut down Blab and what their next plans on. If you follow this blog you will know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Blab but I will admit it started growing on me lately. I think I was always judging the platform for my needs and maybe not what it was intended for. I wanted a really great platform where I could hold webinars and interact with attendees. I’m not sure that was ever the intention but that is what many of us were trying to use it for.

I am excited to see what they do next and wish that whole team the best of luck. I have used Google Hangouts for webinars before and it looks like that is what I will continue to use. With that said it has some drawbacks to it and maybe I will start working on a pros & cons of Hangouts post and start to look around and see what else is out there. What are your thoughts on Blab shutting down?

July 2016 Report Card

Another disappointing month in the books. I need to keep producing content but I am having a real hard time focusing and prioritizing. I am going to blame summer for this. I will try to do better next month.


  • 6,282 total Students +1102 Students
  • The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course +41 Students (156) 
  • Learn Spring Boot (Paid) +208 Students (1,581)
  • Introducing Spring Boot (Free) +889 Students (4,857)


  • 9 Blog Posts in the month.
  • 876 Total Blog Posts
  • 8,985 Visitors
  • 23,313 Page Views


  • +86 Subscribers (1035 total)
  • +4 Videos Published (76 total)
  • Watch Time +25,360 Minutes