SpringOne Call for Proposals

SpringOne is going to VEGAS BABY. This is one of my favorite conferences and Vegas is well, VEGAS. This is going to be a conference that you can’t miss and its happening August 1-4  2016 at the Aria. I am already getting ahead of myself though. Before there is a conference there needs to be speakers and they just opened the call for proposals. Anyone can submit a proposal and I am really hoping to land a role of speaker. It looks like they are changing up their format a little bit and not sticking to all 90 min sessions and I think this is a good change. It will be nice to have a mix of short and sweet and deep dive presentations. I haven’t decided on my topics yet but I am going to get working on that right away.

Good Luck to everyone submitting a propsal.

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations

  • 30 min sessions
  • 60 min sessions
  • 90 minute technical deep dive


  • Core Spring (Security, Tools, Framework)
  • Web & JavaScript
  • Databases
  • Big Data
  • Stream Processing
  • Integration & Messaging
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Devops
  • Agile
  • Transformation


Learning Groovy

There is a new book out on Groovy and I just wanted to help spread the word. I have been using Groovy for almost 4 years now and we use it work every day. It is such a great language and a joy to work and I can honeslty say that it makes programming fun. I have a bunch of books on Groovy already but it never hurts to see it from another perspective.

The book was written by Adam L. Davis and here is a quick description of it.

An ebook to help programmers learn Groovy, a flexible open-source language built for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and the Groovy ecosystem. This book covers Groovy basics, Gradle, Grails, Spock, Groovy design patterns, advanced Groovy programming, Ratpack, and more. 20% of proceeds benefit charity

I just purchased this yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but for a mere $15 you should go get it now and support the author.



Spring Boot Road Map

If you have ever wondered what direction Spring Boot is going then you are a lot like me. I want to know what is planned for the next few versions of the project. Well You can view the road map using the link below. Right now the next few minor versions have some vision but the next major versions 1.4 and 2.0 still are being discussed.



Java is King & Groovy Rises on the TIOBE Index

As a rule of thumb I don’t generally rely on a single source when it comes to the popularity of programming languages. One source that I do use though is the TIOBE index. They just announced that Java was their language of the year for 2015.

Java has won the TIOBE Index programming language award of the year. This is because Java has the largest increase in popularity in one year time (+5.94%). Java leaves runner ups Visual Basic.NET (+1.51%) and Python (+1.24%) far behind. At first sight, it might seem surprising that an old language like Java wins this award. Especially if you take into consideration that Java won the same award exactly 10 years ago. On second thought, Java is currently number one in the enterprise back-end market and number one in the still growing mobile application development market (Android). Moreover, Java has become a language that integrates modern language features such as lambda expressions and streams. The future looks bright for Java.

I use Java at my day job and in my personal projects so this makes me really happy to hear. Java is not only holding strong but the future does indeed look bright for Java. Another language that I really love is Groovy. Last year Pivotal dropped support for Groovy and they moved to the Apache foundation. Through all of that they came in really strong moving from 82 to 17. Wow, congrats Groovy!

Really encouraged to see the languages I use all the time high up on this list.




My First Month on Udemy

Today marks 1 month since my first course on Udemy launched. I spent day and night working on this course just so I could get it launched in time for the Black Friday sale Udemy was having. I also had no idea what I was getting myself into or if I would ever sell a single course. I am proud to say that I have 175 students and some really good feedback from my students.

First Month on Udemy Stats





It has been really great hearing from students what they like and what they don’t like. I am going to use that feedback and start working on some changes to the course this weekend. I was also happy to receive 4 reviews. I think reviews are so important because they let other students know what to expect from the course and they are real reviews from real students. If you have taken the course  or do in the future please consider leaving me a review.

One thing I have noticed in my first month is that 99% of my sales have come off of promotions from Udemy. Not that its a huge deal but It was just something that I wasn’t aware of coming into this. I also haven’t done any promotion of the course on my own. As soon as I fix up some things based on the feedback I received this is one of my goals for the new year.

In conclusion its been a fun ride over the last month and well worth the hard work I put into this course. I am just curious if anyone would like to see me blog about Udemy related topics. Would you like to see how I put this course together? Tips & Tricks? Things I learned along the way? Please let me know if you would like to see anything like that.

Using GORM in Spring Boot

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to use GORM in Spring Boot. If you have been following along on this blog lately you know that I have been working a lot with Spring Boot. So much so that I created a course on it. I really do like Spring Data in the limited time that I have had to play around with it and this is by no means an article against it. I like to play outside the sandbox sometimes and thats what we are going to do here.

I have been working with Grails the past few years and really have grown to love GORM. If you don’t know what GORM is it stands for Grails Object Relational Mapper. GORM is the data access toolkit used by Grails and provides a rich set of APIs for accessing relational and non-relational data including implementations for Hibernate (SQL), MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, Redis and an in-memory ConcurrentHashMap for testing. They just released a new website to go along with GORM 5 – A powerful data access toolkit for the JVM.







Spring Boot Introduction Course

I am so happy to announce that my course on Spring Boot is now live on Udemy. I found out about 5 weeks ago that Udemy was running a contest that would promote new instructors during their Black Friday Sale. I made the decision that this was a good time to take the plunge and create my first course. It was a lot of work and I learned a ton along the way.

I plan on sharing my thoughts on creating the course and what techniques I used over the next few weeks on my blog but for now I just wanted to spread the word that the course was live. I hope you will consider enrolling in the course and giving me some feedback. This is not something I wanted to just publish and move on. I will be improving this course over time based on the feedback I get from students.

This is the promo video I created for the course.


Course Description

The Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks around and Spring developers are in high demand. This course will introduce you to Spring Boot which takes an opinionated view of building Spring applications and gets you up and running as quickly as possible. If you want to expand your skill set or you are looking for a position as a Spring Developer you need this course. Spring Boot is averaging almost 2 million downloads a month and that number continues to rise. You DO NOT need any prior experience with the Spring Framework but you should be a little familiar with the the Java / Groovy programming languages.

Why Spring Boot?

  • Makes getting started with Spring easy!
  • Convention over Configuration
  • NO XML
  • Spring Boot CLI
  • Main Application class as an entry point
  • Starter POMs to manage dependencies & versions
  • Provide production-ready features such as metrics, health checks & externalized configuration
  • Run Anywhere (create executable JARs)

What this course covers:

  • Introduction to Spring Framework & Spring Boot
  • Setting up your development environment
  • Hello, Spring Boot: Creating your first application
  • Spring Fundamentals
  • Developing Web Applications using Spring MVC
  • Data Access using Spring Data Rest
  • Spring Security for authentication and authorization
  • Building and Consuming REST APIs
  • Spring Guides that focus on a single task (email/logging/caching/etc…)

What are the requirements?

  • Students should be familiar with the Java and or Groovy Programming Language
  • Web Development Experience (HTML / CSS / JavaScript)
  • A computer that can run Java + IntelliJ or Eclipse

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 77 lectures and 9.5 hours of content!
  • Create Spring Framework Applications using Spring Boot
  • Create Spring MVC Applications
  • Connect to databases using Spring Data
  • Secure your applications using Spring Security
  • Create an executable JAR of your application

What is the target audience?

  • New & Existing Spring Framework Users
  • You should NOT take this course if you have never used Java before.

IntelliJ Tips & Tricks

I am a huge fan of IntelliJ so I thought I would share this video with you. I use the IDE a lot and I can say I honestly didn’t know about a lot of these tips and tricks. If you use it at all I would give it a watch because many of these will save you time and being a more productive developer is essential in our line of work.

Uninstalling GVM or SDK Man on Mac OSX

Let me be real clear that I am not in any way advocating Uninstalling GVM or SDK Man here. I am actually removing SDK Man from my machine so that I can install it for a screencast. That would probably be the only actual reason you could ever want to uninstall it. If you need to though here is how I did it.

First you need to edit the following 3 files

  1. .bashrc
  2. .bash_profile
  3. .profile

And remove the following snippet from each of them.

Finally delete the ‘~/.gvm’ or  ‘~/.sdkman’ folder. If you open up a new terminal and type gvm or sdk they should no longer work. When you finish your screencast or whatever crazy reason brought you to uninstall SDK Man you can follow these instructions to reinstall it.

Spring Boot & Spring Tool Suite (STS)

In this tutorial we are going to create our first Spring Boot application using the Spring Tool Suite (STS). This is a very basic demo and a great place to start if you are new to both. You don’t need any prior knowledge of the Spring Framework but you should be familiar with the Java Language. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and I have already recorded about 15 other videos so I plan on releasing a few here.

Spring Boot – http://projects.spring.io/spring-boot
Spring Tool Suite (STS) – http://spring.io/tools