December 2016 Report Card

My number one priority as far as work goes is always going to be my full time employment. With the end of the year I had a project that had to take focus. This along with the Toys for Shots party I throw every year and the holidays really took up my entire December. Last year I said I wanted to be a little more transparent and I did these reports for the entire year.

It was a fun little experiment but unless these are really helping or inspiring someone they are probably going to come to end. I do all of these manually and unless I find a way to automate they take up some valuable time. If you really want them to stick around please speak up and thank you for everyone who tuned into these all year long. 

November 2016 Report Card

I feel like a broken record with these “excuses” each month but the simple fact is I can only do so much. With that I have to prioritize what is important to me and in certain months like this one things like The Blog, Social Media & The YouTube channel are going to suffer. 

With that said though I launched a new course this month called Merch by Amazon – How to start your own t-shirt business.  I also doubled my best month ever in sales on Udemy which I am beyond proud of.  Thank you to all of you who keep leaving me these amazing reviews in my courses. It really keeps pushing me to do what I do and LOVE what I do. 

Enroll in my courses for only $10

Black Friday Sales & Cyber Monday

I am continuing my Black Friday sales on this Cyber Monday and through the rest of the month. You can get any of my courses for only $10 by using the coupon codes below. Happy Learning! 

Learn Spring Boot – Rapid Application Development

Merch By Amazon – Hot to start your own t-shirt business

The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course

October 2016 Report Card

This was a pretty slow month when it comes to YouTube and my Blog but I promise you that I have some good excuses. First off I got engaged this month and you can read all about it here. Another reason I have been pretty busy this month is because I have really been focusing on Amazon Merch this month. I am going to add My Merch earnings to this report card every month in case anyone wants to see it. 

How I Made $20,000 in my Sleep

About a year ago, I set out on a journey that has forever changed my life. The title of this article might be a little bit misleading but I had to get your attention so that I could share my story with you. My hope is that anyone in a similar situation will be inspired by this and take action now.

This story actually started about 2 years ago in November. I have always been someone who enjoys learning from a variety of sources. I enjoy reading books and articles on the web, listening to podcasts, going to conferences and even watching videos online.

I loved watching videos online even if I knew the subject because I felt like I would always pick up one little tip or trick that would always make it all worth it. I can remember using in the past but the idea of an online course was still very new to me. While you can find individual videos on YouTube for free it is very hard to stitch all of these videos together to teach you an entire subject.

You can now find me on Udemy for Business

Isn’t it great when you get an email, text or phone call that just changes your day? Well the other day I got this email and it totally changed mine!

Hi Dan,

I’m writing with good news that we have taken note of the high quality content that you have on the marketplace and have hand-selected 2 of your courses for our Udemy for Business content subscription. Congratulations!

About UFB
Launched in 2014, UFB is Udemy’s B2B learning platform that empowers organizations to address their biggest workforce challenges through employee skill training and development. We have identified you as an expert in your field who will add great value to the UFB collection. Your presence on UFB offers you unique brand visibility in front of a new corporate audience, as well as an additional revenue stream.

Revenue Share
Udemy for Business is based in a subscription model. Accordingly, there is no associated list price for courses on the UFB platform, and the revenue share works differently. For any given month, there is a recurring pool of revenue from our paying business clients. Udemy takes 50% of the recurring revenue, and then our UFB instructors receive the rest.

The payout to instructors works primarily off of a consumption algorithm. For example, if there were 100 minutes consumed throughout all the subscription courses in one month, and your courses received 10 of those minutes, you would receive 10% of the recurring revenue for that month. This is paid out the first week of the following month (for example, your revenue from September will appear in your September revenue report in the first week of October, and will be labeled as “Corporate Subscription”).

Student Engagement
You can track student engagement through your Student List, which includes a list of the students in each of your courses, whether or not they enrolled through UFB, and how much content they have consumed. Access the student list by navigating to your Instructor Dashboard and clicking on the box with the course’s enrollment numbers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’m excited to welcome you to the UFB instructor community!

Erin Adams
Manager of Content Strategy, Udemy for Business

I don’t know if this group is really selective or not but quite frankly I don’t care. Thank you Udemy for selecting my courses!

This is why I love teaching

I have published 2 courses on Udemy in the past year and it’s been a pretty fun ride. I would be lying to you if I said the extra income doesn’t have anything to do with it. I think with anything though if you’re doing something just for the money you are in it for the wrong reasons. When I am looking at ideas for my next course I always do my research up front and try to figure out “Will It Fly”. The reason is I don’t want to put a ton of work into a course that isn’t going to sell. If it doesn’t sell I am ultimately not doing my job of getting it to the people I care about.

So after that little bit of a ramble I want to talk about why I started writing this post. When I get feedback from students it really makes me happy because they are engaged and they care about the course. When I get positive feedback some of it honestly makes my day. I just wanted to share a few reviews with my audience.

Udemy iOS10 Course Launch Sale

Udemy is having a really big launch sale for their new iOS10 courses. If you click on the links above the course trailer you can get 50% off the course for the next 5 days. They are both amazing instructors and these courses look they are packed with some great info and real world examples. I already picked up one and I suggest you do the same.

iOS 10 and Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional by Mark Price

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course – Build 21 Apps by Rob Percival

Udemy Live 2016 Vlog from Phil Ebiner

I just wanted to share a vlog that Phil Ebiner put together from his trip to Udemy Live. I also attended Udemy Live this weekend and it was an awesome conference. There is some great behind the scenes action and I might have to take a page out of Phil’s book and do something like this when I travel to conferences. Awesome work Phil.