Spring Boot & Angular 2

Start Building Spring Boot & Angular 2 Applications Today!

When it comes to building real world applications that can scale there are a lot of different moving parts. You could manage all of these individual parts on your own or you can leverage tools that will help do this for you. 

In this course, my friend John Thompson & I are going to show you everything you need to know about building Spring Boot & Angular 2 applications. We are going to walk you through building a real world project. In this course, you are going to learn.

  • What is JHipster
    • What are the problems with building real-world applications
    • What are the solutions to those problems
    • Client Side Technologies
    • Server Side Technologies
  • How to setup your Development Environment 
  • Walk through building a sample application 
  • Core JHipster
  • JDL
  • Walk through our real-world project from start to finish
  • Production
  • Modules & Marketplace
  • So much more!

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