Getting Started with Spring Boot 2

A detailed course to getting started with Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2

If you haven’t already had a chance to check out my Spring Boot Introduction course please do. That course was based on Spring Boot 1.3 and was very much an introduction. That course was over 11 hours of content, currently has 10,000+ students and nearly 2,300 reviews! 

In a follow up to that course I will be launching a course titled “Getting Started with Spring Boot 2.0”. This is not just going to be a few updates to my existing course. This will be a brand new course and take a lot of the feedback I received to make this my best course yet. 

Course Overview

This course offers hands-on experience building Spring Framework applications using Spring Boot. The first thing that is going to stand out is that we are going to move away from the boring, non-useful demos. In the new course, we are going to build a practical application from start to finish. This will allow you to see the process I use for building applications from idea to launch. 

One of the big thing I heard from my students in my first course is that they wanted more information on how to go into production. A great application isn’t that useful if we can deploy it into a production environment. We will take a look at using one of the most popular cloud services around, Amazon Web Services (AWS). On completion, students will have the foundation they need to build enterprise-ready Java applications. 

Course Objectives

  • Introduction
    • Goals for the course
    • What’s new
    • Setting up your development environment
  • Project Overview
    • Creating the initial project
    • Requirements 
    • Mockup the UI
    • Domain Model
  • Github
    • Creating the initial repository
    • README
    • Branching Strategy
    • Pull Requests
  • Spring Boot Essentials
    • Devtools & debugging
    • Configuration & Properties
    • Actuator
    • Logging
    • Error Handling
  • Spring MVC: Model
  • Database Layer
  • Spring MVC: Controller
  • Spring Security
    • Configuration
    • Sign in & Remember me
    • Thymeleaf Spring Security Dialect
  • Spring MVC: View
  • Testing
    • Testing Terminology
    • Testing Dependencies
    • Spring Boot Test Annotations
    • Unit Testing the model
    • Unit Testing the controller
    • Integration Testing
  • Production
    • Production database
    • Maven Plugin
    • Gradle Plugin
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I am really excited about this course and I hope you are as well. If you’re interested in being notified when this course is available signup below. 

Spring Boot 2.0 Course

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