What just a few of my 16,000+ students are saying

Nothing brightens up my day more than a great review from a satisfied student. I enjoy doing what I do because I know that I am helping people solve a problem. My courses are helping programmers all over the world enhance their skills. Here are a few reviews from my various courses. 

Spring Boot Introduction

This is one of better courses that you can find regarding spring framework. This not just a course about Spring Boot. It is an overview of whole spring framework, but seen from perspective of Spring Boot.

I was first skeptical that course is so long, but got surprised when the author started to explain other spring projects in great detail followed by working examples. Generally, spring boot is not that hard to learn at all, but having concrete examples for most popular spring projects is where this course shines bright. Some of the spring materials here are advanced that you won’t find them in other courses. Spring security chapter covers even some custom implementations for which I could not find examples before. Rest assured that after this course, you will be able to immediately use your new knowledge!

If you are experienced spring developer, then this will be an excellent course to refresh your spring memory and to update it with spring boot principles. – Dusan Kostic

So far, this is one of the best online courses I ever took, and the best course for learning spring. It is clear, moderate and up to date. The lectures were great and edited exquisitely. There was no wasted time, and also clarified all the details. In addition, I like the last section very much because it opens a door for you to learn the specific topics when you need. I definitely recommend this course, and I hope Dan would produce more tutorial series in the future. – William Li

This course is intended to be a introduction to the Spring Framework and to Spring Boot. I recommend it to all beginners with Spring MVC.

I had a little bit of knowledge about Spring, but none about Spring MVC. I feel like I learned a lot. The instructor speaks clearly and the lessons are concise yet they bring you immediate useful knowledge.

I very much appreciated the quizzes and the exercises that kept me motivated throughout the course. You can see that the instructor cares about his students and put a lot of effort into the material. Also, he answers your questions quickly.

This course gave me the basics to start rapid Spring web development with Spring Boot.

Thank you Dan ! – Eva Maciejko

Dan Vega explains everything so well. You have easy access to his code. The audio is good. And most importantly he responds to all the questions of students. I’m still not sure which is better JEE or Spring (no experience in JEE), but this is THE spring tutorial you should follow.

Thank you Dan, you helped me get one step closer to my goal of being a better programmer! – Sarmad Aziz


The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course

A very thorough course on Groovy which got me up and running with a new project in no time. Again, Dan shows that he has a good understanding on how to teach and goes through topics at the right pace. An excellent course and well worth the money. – Peter Lorent

This is a high-quality course, it gives you a good grounding in the language, with enough information to get you started. Java language experience does help but is in no way necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks Dan. – Tarwinder Dhak

It’s a great course, Dan has the ability to transform difficult concepts in easy and understandable concepts. It’s a great teacher. So if you want to learn Groovy fast and to have a deep understanding of it, take this course now! – Omar Alvarez Fres

This was a great course! Our development team is currently learning Groovy but most of us do not come from a Java background and most of the Groovy resources out there seem to be targeted at Java developers. While Dan did relate certain Java concepts, he didn’t focus entirely on them, which made learning a whole lot easier. Thank you, Dan! – Annie Gomez